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Had a quick idea looking at xkcd #1190. Nothing special, just took the frames from it and made a nice little animation box with it, added a speed control and an ambient ocean sound. Overall about 30 minutes or so out of my lunch break. Posted it on the xkcd forums this afternoon. Now, six hours later, a look at the analytics have it hitting upwards of 10k views in the 6 hours it’s been up. While I wouldn’t consider it such a great display of technical prowess, I think it’s a pretty cool example of how the power of the internet can easily turn a 30 minute idea into something seen by thousands in such a short time span.


Update 3/27/13:


Update 3/30/13 – Crazy Stuff


Update 4/9/13 – In case you were wondering


Hello world!

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I have a blog now. Blogs are *cool*.

Even more, I’m actually going to try and keep it updated.

Sorry for the state of disarray that the site is in, I just completely restructured the webserver, and am now trying to fix links to things and whatnot.