Aubron Wood

5620 Fountain Grove Circle
Apartment 142
Fayetteville, NC 28304
(910) 922-5029


Customer focused Web Developer with over 6 years of experience. Experience working with AWS in consumer and developer facing applications. Probably currently obsessing over a self-imposed post-mortem, learning today’s hot new JS library, or lamenting that no one uses yesterday’s hot new JS library anymore.


Immersion Media Fayetteville NC Lead Developer October 2015 - Present

As Lead, I manage a team of developers as we create high quality web applications. I spend the majority of my time writing code, but also perform high level technical planning, code review, and deployment automation in a pair programming environment on the Cloud9 IDE. I also strive to help my team learn and improve themselves through both code audits and group learning sessions.

Freelancer Chapel Hill NC Web Designer / Developer June 2010 - October 2015

I started and ran my own business as a freelance Web Designer/Developer, helping small businesses discover the best web solution for their brand. I advised clients, created wires and mocks, and ultimately realized the client’s vision in ways that ranged from Wordpress to custom CMS solutions.

Active Projects

ScoreShots - Project Manager, Lead Developer

Infographic Templating and Creation Engine for Coaches using the CodeIgniter MVC framework, Fabric.js, and AWS Lambda.

Unnamed Auto - Lead Developer

Working on a patented, disruptive project in close cooperation with a large body-shop estimating software provider.

Practice Planner - Lead Developer

A project for the National Wrestling Coaches Association using a custom CMS to generate and share practice plan PDFs for Coaches.


Customer focused, regularly thinking through the eventual user stories and experience that my web applications provide

6+ years experience working in the field

Organized, task centric developer used to working in Agile environments, and reporting on their progress with an almost clinical level of detail

Constantly working to improve myself and my projects, with an obsession for post mortem improvements

Eagle Scout

Personal Projects


Owntracks web interface showing GPS location of tracked clients, with simple REST interface, location identification via Foursquare, and webhook support.


Material design soundboard with searching, tagging, and upload/delete capabilities. Currently on version 2.

Mi Casa, Su Casa

Web clients for changing light bulb color and status, and viewing dropcam stream via an overhead map interface. Fun UI/UX experiments.

Which One Vapes?

Voting website inspired by a comedy podcast that was created and launched in less than 24 hours. Ingested data from multiple APIs and implemented anti-botting techniques.


  • HTML5/CSS3
  • PHP
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • CodeIgniter